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Welcome. My name is Lucille Rox and Iím from Wisconsin. My father brought home a childís sewing machine that chain stitched, when I was only 5. Iíve not been without a sewing machine since that day. I love designing and making primitive and folk art dolls. I hope you will see that love in my finished designs so look and enjoy. When youíve finished, Iíd love for you to visit my website where I also offer patterns and supplies (a category that Iíll be adding to over the next couple of months) so you can create your own primitives. If you see something you like that's marked SOLD--email me and it's possible I can make a new one for you. MY DESIGNS ARE NOT INTENDED FOR USE BY CHILDREN - EVER. THEY ARE FOR HOME DECOR.

Painted Muslin Pull toy cat w wooden mouse

LOWER PRICE...PRE CHRISTMAS SALE! This muslin cat is 8 1/2ď high and 4 1/2ď long. Heís been needle sculpted, hand painted and stained. The eyes are buttons and he has a small wooden mouse with itís tail stitched to his mouth.He has small wooden spool wheels, complete with reproduction labels, sewn to the bottom of his body and a hemp cord tied around his neck for pulling. Thereís a tiny wooden spool at the end of the cord.

This adorable cat comes signed and dated. SHIPPING IS FREE IN 48 US. Others email me. I offer $$ off equal to average US shipping costs.

New Item!

Price - $18.00

Primitive Mammy doll w hoop earrings

Sada is 19 1/2" tall and sits 10" high. She's made of muslin. I've stuffed her head, arms, legs, and the upper half of her body with polyester fiberfil. The lower half of her body is stuffed with trimmings from my cutting table to help her sit well. She has a needle sculpted nose and stitched mouth. I've stained her with coffee/vanilla stain and painted and sanded her. She has raw wool hair and button eyes.There are muslin pantaloons under her dress of black, gray, and tan plaid recycled from a man's shirt. Her apron is made from a piece of vintage muslin cut from a feedsack towel I found at my Grandma's farm.

She wears a muslin kerchief over her hair. I've stitched rusted wire "hoop earrings" where her ears would be. The earrings are the metal rings that come with the tags I use for my cats and sheep. I just can't let anything go to waste. All her clothing is stained with my coffee/vanilla stain.

She is signed "designed and made with love, Lucy". FREE SHIPPING IN 48 US. Others email me. I offer $$ off equal to average US shipping costs.

New Item!

Price - $25.00

New Item!

Large Primitive Chenille pull toy sheep

11 inches tall and 13 1/2 inches long and 6 1/2" wide, this sheep makes a welcome addition to any primitive collection. His face and ears are black homespun and his body, coffee stained chenille from a bedspread. The eyes are vintage shirt buttons and the legs are twigs from my lilac bush. A shipping tag hangs from jute twine around his neck. One side says "Baa, Baa, Baa", and the other asks the question "Have You Any Wool?"

The base is pine wood, painted black, sanded and stained. the wheels are also painted black, sanded and stained and attached to the base with wood screws. There is a jute twine pull string with a small painted and stained thread spool at the end to hold onto. I drilled holes into the base and the sheeps legs are glued into the holes with wood glue. This makes him quite sturdy.

This is signed "designed and made with love, Lucy Rox" and dated. Shipping is FREE in 48 US. Others must email me for rates. I do offer $$ off equal to average US shipping.

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Price - $44.00

Small black and white pull toy pig

NEW LOWER PRICE ..PRE CHRISTMAS SALE. This muslin pig measures 4ď high and 5ď long. Heís been coffee stained and painted with black. The wheels are thread spools, stained, with reproduction paper spool ends glued onto the wooden spools. The wheels are sewn and tied under the pig. He has a hemp pull string with a tiny thread spool at the end.

He is signed "designed and made with love, Lucy Rox" and dated.

FREE SHIPPING in 48 US. Others email me. I offer $$ off equal to average US shipping cost.

New Item!

Price - $18.00

test item

Price - $1.00

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